General Article 3.7 million children in the UK ...

Topic Selected: Food and Diet

... live in households for whom a healthy diet is increasingly unaffordable

  • Comparing the estimated cost of Public Health England's (PHE) 'Eatwell Guide' with household income, shows that the bottom 20% of families would have to spend 42% of their after–housing income on food to eat the Government's recommended diet.
  • This is nearly four times what the richest 20% of UK families would need to spend on food to meet PHE's Eatwell Guide.
  • 3.7 million children in the UK are living in these households, earning less than £15,860, and are likely to be unable to afford a healthy diet as defined by the Government.
  • 14 million households (half of all households in the UK) currently don't spend enough to meet the cost of Government's recommended the Eatwell Guide.
  • Widening inequality is leading to higher rates of childhood obesity in deprived areas with 26% of children in Year 6 being obese compared to 11% in England's richest communi

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