General Article 5 key predictions for the future of talent migration

Topic Selected: Expat or Immigrant? Book Volume: 429
  • Migrants travel further distances to live in ‘cities of choice,’ determined by opportunity and quality of life.
  • While migration is set to increase, what that looks like is likely to change, as predicted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG). For example, more women will migrate, city-to-city migration will ramp up and there will be a fight for residents among cities.
  • If predictions come to fruition, national public leaders must design a proactive migration strategy to drive economic growth and innovation while building public support.

Many migrants today travel farther distances, consciously seeking cities of choice – a sociological metric designed by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) that measures and determines opportunity and quality of life. Observed in the aggregate, these migrants are more diverse than ever before and have in-demand vocational skills. They are also becoming more sought-after. While companies have traditionally competed for talent, cities are increasingly competing f...

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