General Article 7/7: five years on

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By Alex Hourdakis

Five years on from the 7 July 2005 terrorist attack on the London Underground, known as ‘7/7’, more than half (53%) of the UK’s population think that the threat of terrorism has stayed at the same level, with older people feeling slightly more worried than their younger counterparts.

However, when we repeated the question in a slightly different way, we see that the public is actually less concerned about terrorism than it thinks – 76% now think future terrorist attacks on British targets are likely, compared to 92% four days after the bombings, which affected three Underground trains and one bus.

Perhaps this general sense of security is due to most (51%) thinking that the last Labour Government dealt with extremism and terrorism ‘effectively’. More than a third (35%), however, said that Labour was ineffective in dealing with the threat.

Indeed, a sizeable quarter believes that the threat has ac

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