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More than seven in 10 children have been a bully, shocking new figures from Beatbullying reveal.
56% of young people have experienced bullying, but new figures show that over 70% of young people have bullied, quashing the notion of a small minority of bullies wielding power over a majority of victims.
The research, conducted across a nationally representative sample of 3,000 secondary school-aged young people, was carried out by Beatbullying’s research team on the ground from 2005 to 2007.
The findings give, for the first time, an insight into the scope of the bullying problem from a new perspective. In an effort to understand the motivations of a bully, Beatbullying asked young people if they had ever bullied and if so, what had led them to do it.
Of these bullies, 5% said if they didn’t do it first it would happen to them, 4% said that they bully because their mates do it, 13% said anger was the reason and amazingly just over 2% thought it made them popular.
Emma-Jane Cross, Chief Exec...

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