General Article 700,000 Brits 'still exposed to child abuse'

Topic Selected: Censorship
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A coalition of children’s charities has warned that 700,000 Britons ‘can still get uninterrupted and easy access to illegal child abuse images’ over the internet.
Around 95% of Britain’s broadband subscribers belong to an ISP that blocks sites based on the blacklist compiled by the Internet Watch Foundation.
However, many smaller ISPs have yet to implement the blacklist, citing high costs and doubts over the effectiveness of the system.
The Children’s Charities’ Coalition on Internet Safety claims it’s time the Government brought the remaining ISPs into line.
‘Allowing this loophole helps to feed the appalling trade in images which feature real children being seriously sexually assaulted,’ claims Zoe Hilton, policy adviser for the
‘We now need decisive action from the Government to ensure the internet service providers that are still refusing to block this foul material are forced to fall into line. Self-regulation on this issue is obviously failing – and in a seriously damaging wa...

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