General Article 9 Lifestyle factors that affect fertility

Topic Selected: Fertility and Reproduction Book Volume: 387

Is your lifestyle affecting your fertility?

We are all aware that factors of our lifestyle affect numerous parts of our daily lives, but when was the last time you thought ‘how can my lifestyle affect my fertility?’  

Never – Like many, starting a family isn’t an immediate priority – but do you want children in the future? Fertility is a long-term concern. Knowing how your lifestyle can impact your fertility today, can help you when it comes to preparing to conceive in the future. It might only be a simple tweak or a change. Having a healthy lifestyle will benefit both you and your baby.  

Occasionally – You are probably planning to start a family in the distant future.  

Daily – You are probably planning or actively trying to start a family. 

Although it isn’t everything, many lifestyle factors including smoking,

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