General Article A Big Issue? Your views on homelessness in the UK

Topic Selected: Homelessness
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Published in eight countries, The Big Issue is the world’s highest circulation street newspaper. Founded in 1991, it is produced by professional journalists and given to homeless people to sell on the street as a way for them to earn a legitimate income, and thus help them to reintegrate into mainstream society.


‘I feel wary of people selling Big Issue magazines’

Those who were of this view said they felt angry that many people selling The Big Issue are ‘foreigners’ who do not speak English.

They also said they held suspicions that sellers were not using the proceeds they make from selling the magazine to improve their situation.

‘They are usually younger and more able than me to earn a living. Usually, with a roll-up hanging from their lip and a group of friends waiting for them to score.’  Lafrowda, St Just

‘I know that The Big Issue used to be a force for good, helping many people who found themselves homeless, often through no fault of their own. But I feel that The Big ...

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