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For the best part of 15 years I have worked as a counsellor for BPAS. Despite the length of time and the hours I’ve spent talking to the women I can confidently say there is only one constant, and that is that no day is ever the same.
Every single woman we see has a unique set of circumstances. She will feel a certain way about these and will require different things from the staff she sees during her visit.
Any woman with an unplanned pregnancy who comes to us will have a consultation. She will see a counsellor first, always alone, where we explore how she’s feeling about the pregnancy, if she’s made a decision and what support she has in place.
If she’s clear that she wants to have the abortion, we make sure she is aware of all the procedure options and we can answer any non-medical questions she has about them. She will complete a medical assessment and then one of the counsellors can make her an appointment at the clinic.
If the woman is ambivalent, she has the opportunity to discus...

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