General Article A guide to the divorce process in England and Wales

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The divorce process in England and Wales has five separate steps, which can be completed without instructing a solicitor and spending over £1,000 on your divorce.

You will need to complete a D8 divorce petition, which is the main document in a divorce and then make two more separate applications to the court in order to complete the divorce procedure.

It is possible to complete the UK divorce process within three months – we’ve had clients complete within 12–14 weeks this year – but not everyone can expect their divorce process to be completed so quickly, with the average divorce case taking 18–20 weeks to finalise.

Steps to the divorce procedure in the UK

  • Find a valid ground for divorce to use
  • File a D8 divorce petition with the courts
  • Apply for a decree nisi
  • Apply for a decree absolute

Although there are only four steps necessary to obtain a divorce, there are parts of the divorce procedure where your spouse needs to acknowledge the divorce papers and respond to the court.

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