General Article A million online bullies run rampant in cyberspace

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Britain’s playground bullies are increasingly moving online to harass and abuse their victims.
A new study published by online identity experts Garlik charts the number of young net bullies in the UK. One in five 8- to 15-year-olds (18 per cent) freely admit to being online bullies and posting deliberately offensive comments about others and in extreme cases ‘stealing’ their identities.
The motivation for this bad behaviour varies with the majority of culprits (30 per cent) admitting they do it because it’s fun, one in seven (13 per cent) say it’s the only place they can act like this without getting into trouble and one in twenty because it makes them feel powerful. In addition, one in twelve (8 per cent) are pressured into this online misdemeanour by their friends.
And whilst the majority of parents (61 per cent) are in the dark about their offspring’s bad behaviour, a quarter of the young online bullies state their parents know about their actions and think it’s harmless fun.
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