General Article A right to reclaim abandoned property

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We believe that the full potential of abandoned property will never be utilised unless people are given the power to use it. We’re not advocating squatting, requisitioning, or anything remotely draconian. Indeed, our proposal is one that seeks a fair way of allowing people to use empty property that also meets the interests of the owner. We propose a new legal right empowering communities and citizens, to reclaim abandoned property. This right would be open to all communities and citizens allowing them the right to make a claim to use an empty property as their home.
The right would build on powers set out in ‘Community Right to Reclaim Land’ and would have the effect of bringing the powers similar to those available to local authorities (Empty Dwelling Management Orders) to communities at large.
This would allow them to make a claim on an empty property setting out how they would make better use of it than the current owner. It would allow their claims to be independently judged agai...

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