Abortion controversy: pro-choice and pro-life

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You may have heard lots of information about abortions.  Some may have been positive and in favour of them whereas others may have been strongly against them. There is often news of protests going on outside abortion clinics and women feeling intimidated to attend them.  Some people believe that you have a right to choose what happens to you while others believe that your foetus or unborn child has the right to life and that should not be taken away from it. 


The pro-choice abortion argument

Pro-choice campaigners aim to ensure that women have the right to choose whether or not to continue with a pregnancy. They believe that the Abortion Act 1967 should be modernised and that safe, legal abortions should be made readily available to all women as and when they need it.

Your right to choose what you do is imperative to these groups and they feel that the law should be changed to reflect this, removing the need for a doctor to assess

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