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Abortion: a subject so taboo and controversial that it is only spoken about in a whispered hush, the only loud voices seeming to come from those with agendas of their own.
Many activists put political, religious and moral debate of higher importance than the real and disturbing facts of the situation. Lives of mothers, fathers and children are being hurt by lack of information, counselling and support, before, during and after an unexpected pregnancy (whatever choice one makes).

One in three

With one in three women admitting to having an abortion by the age of 45, we believe it is about time that the whole picture of abortion was discussed. Mental Healthy has teamed up with CareConfidential, a charity which provides unbiased pregnancy and abortion counselling, to bring you a complete picture of the choices available to those who find themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy, and the physical and psychological repercussions of those options. This feature was originally published in ...

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