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Transracial adoption

It is often preferable for the heritage of children and their adopters to be closely matched. However, it is more important that children are placed on timescales that meet their needs (so as avoid further harm or damage via delay), rather than on adult timescales that may be excessively concerned about finding the ideal racial/ethnic match.

Where it is not possible to find a good racial/ethnic match, then adoptive parents will need good quality support services to ensure that their children’s heritage is fully reflected as part of the development of their future identity.

Consideration should be given as to whether the child will be part of a community in which at least some people reflect their heritage; how the local community will help the child develop his other identity; what the child will need to know about his or her heritage and what contact will be available with the birth family.


Adoption pay and leave

Current law lays down minimum entitlemen...

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