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Nobody has the right to call you names or to treat you badly because of your colour, race or religion. It’s illegal and it can be stopped. You don’t have to be a different colour to suffer racist bullying. You might have come from Romania or the former Yugoslavia.
Neither is racist bullying confined to colour of skin. We’ve had complaints of non-Welsh and non-Scots children experiencing bullying in those countries. Other complaints have been about traveller children finding life difficult in school.

Racist bullying is the only type of bullying that schools must record

There is a difference between racial discrimination and racism. Racial discrimination means being treated differently to someone else because of your race, perhaps by being told you cannot wear a turban if you are a Sikh, a yarmulka if you are a Jewish boy or hijaab if you are a Pakistani girl.
Racism means you are subjected to abuse and harassment because of your race, colour or beliefs. Bullying UK receives many comp...

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