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Heading for a shock

Topping the chart with their heads in the clouds are young people in the South West, followed by the Scots.
1    South West – biggest expectation/saving gap
2    Scotland
3    West Midlands
4    South East
5    East Midlands
6    North West
7    Yorkshire
8    London
9    Wales
10    Tyne Tees

Far from retiring quietly, young people today expect to be able to afford the things they enjoy now when they retire with foreign holidays, satellite TV and gym membership as standard. With over half the nation’s under 34-year-olds not saving anything at all, they are at risk of becoming the ‘big dreams, small assets’ generation.
Young people in the South West are on track for a bigger shock than others across the UK if they don’t start saving for their retirement soon, followed closely by Scotland and the West Midlands. Even in Tyne Tees, where people are most realistic, there’s still a large gap between plans and funds for later life with the Welsh hot on their heels.
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