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Continuing with the pregnancy

For many women there is no doubt in their minds that they must carry on with the pregnancy and for some they are convinced that they will bring the child up themselves. It may be that family and friends have offered their support and this confirms that you feel you will be able to cope. However, continuing with your pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to be a mum once the baby is born though. There are other options available to you and your baby when it arrives.

Fostering or adoption

One option available to you after giving birth to your baby is adoption or fostering. This means that you do not end your pregnancy but once the baby arrives you will give it up for adoption or fostering.
Adoption means that your baby will live and be brought up forever by ‘new’ parents and you will have no say in how or where your baby is brought up. You will not be able to contact your baby one they have been adopted. Adoption is a legal process and you will cut all legal ti...

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