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We all face pressures at work: sometimes this may lead us to behave in a way which is unacceptable to others without us even realising it. There may also be other non-work-related factors affecting our attitude towards others in the workplace. Often individuals accused of bullying are surprised. It may help sometimes to take a step back and check that our working style is not impinging on others. Below is a brief guide to this process.

Am I a bully?

  • Do I use language which is insensitive?
  • Do I unintentionally vent my personal opinions on non-work-related matters?
  • Do I express anger or dissatisfaction at work, particularly in physical behaviour?

When you may not be feeling yourself is when you are most likely to consciously or otherwise use work channels to vent frustrations from your home life. This is more likely to occur if:

  • You are suffering from stress.
  • Losing a feeling of control and security over your life, work-related or private.
  • Are problems away from work cau...

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