General Article And Just Like That: Why it’s so hard to break up with a friend

Topic Selected: Relationships Book Volume: 424

Olivia Petter examines why it’s so painful to break up with a friend.

Ever since it was announced that a Sex and the City reboot would be going ahead without one of its leading characters, fans have speculated as to how the writers would explain her absence.

Kim Cattrall has made no secret about her, shall we say, lack of interest in taking part in any kind of SATC reboot.

As a result, the famous foursome has reunited for And Just Like That without one of its members, Samantha Jones – and now we finally know how the writers have explained her absence.

In the first episode of the HBO show, which is airing on Sky Comedy and NOW TV in the UK, Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) explains that she and the PR executive fell out after she severed their professional relationship – Samantha was Carrie’s publicist – due to the way the book market had changed.

Now, Samantha is living and working in London. And we’re led to believe that their friendship has fallen by the wayside, b...

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