General Article Animal rights terrorism is on the increase

Topic Selected: Terrorism
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Terrorism takes many forms. Recently, animal rights terrorists have unleashed an organised campaign of violence and intimidation against animal industries and their service companies - such as banks, auditing companies, and insurance brokers.

A pattern has developed: websites identify people to be terrorised because of their involvement with animal-using industries; these sites list their personal information, including home addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, even the names, ages, and schools of their children. Militants use this information to send anonymous death threats to the children of targets, backed by mailed video tapes of their family members. They steal mail, shatter windows while the family is home, burn cars, make false bomb threats, cover homes with graffiti, take out subscriptions to pornographic magazines in the name of the target, steal identities, and otherwise ruin their victims' lives.

One of the most active of these groups is Stop Huntingdon Anim...

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