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By Kevin Rowan, Regional Secretary, Northern TUC

The predictable outcry from some of the dimmer lights in the world of business against the voices expressing concern about excessive bonus payments are nothing more than a wafer-thin defence of corporate greed that has been growing for 30 years or more. The ‘moral’ shock that was associated with Fred Goodwin being un-knighted was not only so completely contra to the general public attitude towards the cabal of wealthy banking executives that got us all into the economic mess that we’re in, it is also a further demonstration of the sheer lack of any contrition for the damage that they have done.
Anyone who now suggests that multi-million pound bonuses on top of multi-million pound salaries are wrong is accused of ‘business bashing’, while the Chancellor is apparently worried that these challenges to the stupendously crass demonstrations of deep-rooted and extreme unfairness might actually harm b

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