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Anxiety is something we all feel it when we are in a situation that is threatening or difficult. The anxiety goes away when we have got used to the situation, when the situation changes, or when we leave the situation.
If it just goes on and on, or if it happens out of the blue, or for no obvious reason, it can make life very difficult.
This article deals with anxiety in general, and with three particular kinds of anxiety:

  • generalised anxiety disorder;
  • panic attacks;
  • phobias.

It is for anyone for whom anxiety is a problem – but also for friends and relatives who may want to understand more about it.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety feels like fear. When it’s caused by a problem in our life that we can’t solve, such as money difficulties, we call it worry. If it is a sudden reaction to an immediate threat, like looking over a cliff or being confronted by an angry dog, we call it fear.
Although these feelings are unpleasant, they exist for a purpose. Worry, fear and anxi...

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