General Article Are top athletes born or made?

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Have you ever seen the television series Made (MTV)? On this show one person wants to change his or her life and often wants to be ‘made’ the person of his or her dreams. Remember the girls wanting to be made popstars and the guys sport jocks? Whether you liked the show or not, it was a great format to help people become what they wanted to be. Now, let me ask you a question: do you think it is possible to be made in accordance with your dreams? Do you think top athletes are born or made?

More often than not you hear people credit quality to talent. For example, a football commentator may enthusiastically shout out loud: ‘What a goal! This kid is amazingly talented!’ Exactly what does talented mean? Does the commentator mean the player has incredible innate abilities which make him such a good striker? I reckon he does. Is he, then, right about attributing this player’s quality to born characteristics? I believe he is not. Honestly, I reckon him – and his colleagues – to be way off...

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