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Around 16 pupils in the UK kill themselves every year due to distress over bullying.
Their schools often say they had no idea what was going on. But the bullies know exactly what they’ve been doing – and so do their friends. It’s too late to have regrets when someone has died, or been made so ill they need medical treatment.
You’re a bully if you do any of these things to someone else:

  • You call them names.
  • You make up stories to get them into trouble.
  • You tell other people not to be friends with them.
  • You make remarks about their culture, religion or colour.
  • You make remarks about their disability or medical condition.
  • You leave them out when you’re choosing a games team.
  • You take away their possessions or demand money from them.
  • You hide their books or bag.
  • You send them nasty text messages or make silent calls to their phone.
  • You make threats about nasty things that will happen to them.
  • You make remarks about them liking other boys or other girls. This is called homopho...

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