General Article Are you addicted to 'virtual' approval?

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In this age of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. we are increasingly living our lives through the eyes (and comments) of other people. Have you ever stopped to think about how and what this means to you on a personal, emotional level? If someone ‘Likes’ your post does that give you a boost? Is your sense of self dependent on how many virtual ‘friends’ or retweets you have? Are you unconsciously getting validation via these interactions?


Or, do you feel good for just being you?

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of social media. In my opinion it’s a real force for good – particularly for spreading humour, for collecting positive news and as a force for social awareness and change. And for those of us that by all intents and purposes are lone workers (I do technically work with people all day long as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Coach, but I’m connecting in a different way!), it’s great for connecting up to see how the rest of the world is getting on with things. However, I thin...

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