General Article Are you being bullied?

Topic Selected: Bullying
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Bullying can happen to anyone and it’s not always easy to recognise if it is happening to you. Read the questions below and see which ones you think may apply to you:

  • Does anyone make nasty comments to or about you?
  • Are you being called hurtful names?
  • Are you being made fun of for how you look or act?
  • Do you feel alone or isolated at school?
  • Has anyone spread spiteful and/or untrue rumours about you?
  • Are you purposely excluded from a group?
  • Has anyone physically hurt you on purpose?
  • Have any of your personal belongings been purposely damaged?
  • Do you feel constantly harassed at school?
  • Do you ever feel that someone you believed to be a friend is trying to control you?
  • Has anyone ever posted or shared something about you online without your permission?
  • Do you ever receive nasty e-mails and/or text messages?
  • Has anyone pretended to be you on a social media site

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