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Refugees who arrive in Scotland have to leave behind friends and families but also in many cases a promising career. The government's policy of denying asylum seekers the right to work is a great source of frustration for people who are used to supporting themselves. Even for those who have refugee status, finding a job is often not straightforward. Mhoraig Green spoke to Dr Dilshad Kidder about his experiences as a refugee doctor.

Dr Kidder, who is Kurdish, arrived in London as an asylum seeker in 1998. Before coming to Britain he had worked as a doctor and was keen to pursue his career in the UK. He began studying immediately and passed the English language test required for him to be allowed to practise in Britain. He then moved to Glasgow where his uncle was already living.

Dr Kidder received refugee status in 2001 and although his uncle had already moved on, he decided to stay in Scotland as he enjoys the lifestyle: 'Having spent time in London, I like living in a smaller city,...

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