General Article Attitudes of Europeans towards the issue of biodiversity

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Biodiversity threats

  • When asked about the most important threats to biodiversity, more than a quarter of EU citizens (27%) mentioned air and water pollution. A similar proportion (26%) mentioned man-made disasters, such as oil spills or industrial accidents.
  • Roughly a fifth (19%) of respondents selected intensive farming, deforestation and over-fishing, 13% chose climate change and 9% mentioned the creation of more roads, houses or industrial sites, and changes in land use as the most important threat to biodiversity.
  • The proportion of respondents who selected water and air pollution as the main threats to biodiversity ranged from 15% in Belgium to 39% in Poland and Romania. Similarly, the proportion who mentioned man-made disasters (such as oil spills or industrial accidents) was just 13%-14% in Finland, Ireland and the UK, but reached 51% in Cyprus.
  • The combination of intensive farming, deforestation and over-fishing was selected as the most important threat to biodiversity ...

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