General Article Australia bans recreational vaping to avoid having ‘nicotine addicts’

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E-cigarettes were not ‘sold as a recreational product – especially not one for our kids,’ says health minister.

By Maroosha Muzaffar

Australia has announced a ban on disposable vapes and decided to increase the tobacco tax by billions of dollars in the next few years.

Health minister Mark Butler laid out an ambitious plan to eliminate a rampant vaping black market amid concerns that a new generation of young people has become addicted to nicotine.

‘Vapes contain more than 200 chemicals that do not belong in the lungs. Some of the same chemicals you will find in nail polish remover and weed killer,’ Mr Butler said.

‘This is a product targeted at our kids. Vaping has become the No. 1 behavioural issue in high schools, and it’s becoming widespread in primary schools. This must end.’

Mr Butler said hard-won gains in public health pertaining to a reduction in smoking could be undone by the ‘new threat’.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, one in six teenagers between 14 and 17 years ...

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