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What do young refugees need?

While politicians and the press debate the 'refugee question', the simple fact remains that thousands of people are arriving in the UK asking for help. Many know no one here. Most have few belongings and little money. Some are young people, alone with no supportive family.

What do young unaccompanied refugees need?

Obviously, they want to feel safe. They may have had a terrible time, both on the journey to the UK and in the events leading up to it. They may be feeling insecure and frightened. They might have bad dreams.

But that does not mean they want to be solemn or to dwell on their problems.

Projects which work with young refugees find that mainly they just want to have fun. They want to be young and human again. They want to learn. They want to take part in sports, listen to music, hang out with friends, meet others, take on new challenges or just relax.

Such unremarkable things should be a normal part of everyday life and many young refugees yea...

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