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The thought of being invisible when you’re young seems like a dream come true. To travel the world unseen, walk into sweetshops and enjoy all the candy you can eat, to bunk off school and get up to untold mischief, such is the appeal of owning the power of invisibility.

Of course, as you get older, you accept that the chances of invisibility ever becoming a reality are at best slim, a simple but delightful fantasy with no grounding in reality, at least not in the literal sense. The closest thing in life to becoming invisible in any other sense, you find, is to simply be ignored.

We’re all ignored at some point in life. Sometimes deliberately, but usually unintentionally and commonly followed by a near-instant apology. We’re all guilty of ignoring someone too. We may ignore because of a short-term dispute, we may ignore due to absent-mindedness but we rarely ignore people simply because they exist... do we?

There are thousands of people out t

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