General Article Beer belly is biggest body issue for men

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New research shows that men have serious issues and that talking about your body is no longer confined to women.
A major national study[i] examining British men’s attitudes to their appearance reveals that over four in five (80.7%) men regularly engage in conversation about one another’s body and that most are unhappy with their muscularity. The study found that men talk most about their unhappiness with their stomach, referred to most commonly as their beer belly.
The study, a collaboration between experts at the Centre for Appearance Research (CAR) at UWE Bristol, the Succeed Foundation and Central YMCA, also revealed that more than 35% of men would sacrifice a year of life to achieve their ideal body weight or shape. The majority of men surveyed were unhappy with their level of muscularity – most didn’t think their arms (62.8%) or chests (62.9%) were muscular enough.
Over half of men questioned (58.6%) said that body talk affects them personally, mostly in a negative way. This mirro...

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