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Topic Selected: Citizenship in the UK
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What’s the idea?

The Big Society is about shifting the culture – from government action to local action. This is not about encouraging volunteering for the sake of it. This is about equipping people and organisations with the power and resources they need to make a real difference in their communities.

Throughout our communities there is a great appetite for involvement in local initiatives and people do want to make a difference in their area. What often stands in the way and takes the time is unnecessary bureaucracy – red tape, filling in countless forms.

Our focus will be on making it as easy as possible for civil society organisations to help shape and deliver our public services, making it easier to set up and run a civil society organisation and to get more resources to the sector.


What is the Government doing to help?

The Office for Civil Society, part of the Cabinet Office, works across government departments to translate the Big Society agenda into practical policie...

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