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What does ‘bisexual’ mean?

The word bisexual describes a person who is attracted to both men and women. 

It is normal to question your sexuality and part of growing up is discovering and learning about yourself. It is also normal to have feelings towards other people, both men and women. 


Am I old enough to know?

Everyone is different and there is no right or wrong age to realise you are bisexual. Sexuality can be fluid and you may be attracted to different people at different times in your life.

Young people are often told that they don’t know themselves well enough or should wait until they are older before they decide. Many young men say they have known for a long time that they feel ‘different’ to others and they are aware of their attraction to both men and women at a young age. It’s OK to feel like this and it is OK to change your mind. Sexuality does not need to be fixed forever – for some people it will be, and for others it might shift over time.


What do bisexual people...

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