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In today’s society we are constantly bombarded by images of perfection. Billboards and posters surround us everywhere of beautiful people – whether you are standing at the bus stop, with images of Cheryl Cole staring back at you, or walking into a newsagent to be confronted with copies of magazines such as Glamour and Vogue. It has been argued within the psychological and sociological world that these images have become our ideals and have therefore have affected the way we act and behave. Everybody wants to be perfect – even politicians are at it – we all know that David Cameron has been airbrushed in his latest poster campaign.
Research demonstrates that these images can lead to mental health issues such as, low self-esteem and depression due to us not being able to reach ‘ultimate perfection’. Further mental health issues are becoming more common such as, anorexia and bulimia – John Prescott suffered with bulimia for quite a while. Eating disorders are extremely detrimental to peo...

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