General Article Branded for life? Researchers examine impact of consumer culture on UK’s children

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Consumers of fashionable brands, the latest gadgets and the coolest looks are getting ever younger. Yet, children who immerse themselves in consumer culture feel worse about themselves, not better, say researchers at the University of Sussex.



The Children’s Consumer Culture Project at the University has involved three years of work with 1,500 children to investigate how materialistic and appearance-focused values develop in childhood, and to study the impact of consumer culture and advertising messages about what is ‘cool’ and beautiful on children’s well-being.

The project’s preliminary research findings will be shared today (3 May 2013) with researchers, policy makers and diverse organisations at a special event1 at the University. The opening address will be given by Caroline Lucas MP, and attendees include teachers, schools representatives, social, educational and clinical psychologists, academics, and charity representatives.

The project, funded by the Leverhulme Trust and ...

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