General Article British approach to dealing with stress runs risk of serious mental health problems

Topic Selected: Anxiety
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Other highlights from the survey:

  • One in five people feel stressed every day, with half feeling stressed at least once a week.
  • Economic climate reflected as money and work are revealed to be the main causes of stress in Britain.
  • Under-25s are the most stressed age group overall and the most stressed about unemployment.
  • Liverpool and Milton Keynes are the most stressed cities, Bristol the least.
  • Women are more stressed than men about family issues and the laziness of partners, while men are more stressed about work and being single.
  • Younger people get most stressed about Christmas and other family gatherings.

To coincide with National Stress Awareness Day, the charity the Mental Health Foundation has published the results of its ‘Be Mindful Stress Survey’ into the most common causes of, and methods of dealing with, stress across Britain.
The survey was conducted as part of the Foundation’s ongoing ‘Be Mindful’ campaign to raise awareness of mindfulness as a clinically-pro...

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