General Article Britons make worst tourists, say Britons (and Spaniards and Germans)

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We are the country with the most negative view of its own tourists.

By Matthew Smith

An international YouGov study shows that tales of British rowdiness overseas are now part of the popular consciousness; Britons are the most likely among 26 countries to take a negative view of their own tourists.

More than half of us (57%) hold an unfavourable opinion of British tourists, and just 29% take a positive view.

We are, in fact, the only country that feels so much more negatively about our own tourists; the next comparable country is Germany where the 43% who think Germans behave badly on holiday is largely matched by the 40% who think their brethren give their country a good name.

These figures are a far cry from those from the Philippines, where a whopping 85% hold a favourable view of Filipinos vacationing abroad and only 11% feel the opposite way.

Unsurprisingly, Britons are also the most likely to think that the locals in foreign resorts also take a dim view of our holidaymakers. Mo...

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