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The research, which was carried out by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the Global Lung Cancer Coalition, investigated awareness of the symptoms of lung cancer and smoking prevalence in 21 countries.

Researchers found that across all the countries, 22% of people surveyed admitted they could not name any symptoms of the disease, which claims the lives of 1.37 million people globally every year[1].

In Britain, the survey found that;

  • one in five (20%) people were current smokers and those aged 65 or older were more likely to be former smokers than other age groups (39% vs. 21% on average);
  • when asked to identify the symptoms of lung cancer, breathlessness and a cough were the most commonly stated symptoms (46% and 43%), in line with many other countries surveyed;
  • current smokers were less aware of the symptoms of lung cancer than former smokers and people who had never smoked regularly (22% of smokers, 9% of former smokers and 15% of people who had never smoked don’t know any).

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