General Article Building confidence after online bullying

Topic Selected: Bullying Book Volume: 361

Online bullying can really knock your confidence. But you can try taking control. You can build up your confidence and feel better about yourself. Find out how.

Getting your confidence back

Cyberbullying or bullying on social networks is upsetting and confusing. You might really struggle to feel confident afterwards. But we’re here to help you build your confidence back up bit by bit.

You could try all of these ideas, or just the ones that sound right for you. You may have to find the right combination of things. So stick with it and keep trying our tips for feeling confident.

And often the more confident you feel, the more you can deal with bullying.

Seven ways to feel in control

1. Talk about what’s going on 

It might not always feel like talking will be useful. But it is. It can really help.

Talk about what’s on your mind. Telling someone about what’s happening helps you

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