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Bullying is when hurtful or upsetting things are repeatedly said or done to people. Bullying is also called harassment or peer abuse.

  • It can involve physical violence such as hitting, kicking, punching, pushing or verbal violence including teasing and name-calling.
  • It can also include damaging, stealing or hiding a victim’s things or making demands for money or favours.
  • Another form is to exclude victims, by encouraging others not to have anything to do with them, spreading lies or stories about them, ignoring them and not speaking to them.
  • Another type of harassment is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying uses technology to harass, embarrass or threaten to hurt someone physically

Bullying is a form of violence and a way of having power over others. It needs to be taken seriously as it can have long-term effects on the child being bullied, the one doing the bullying and those who witness it.
Bullying often happens in places where children spend lots of time, such as in families, ear...

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