Bullying in halls

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‘I didn’t recognise what was happening at the beginning as bullying as such. When I started uni, we had all gone out and socialised during Freshers. It was clear that they were far more interested in partying than I was. At first, this was manageable; we were all settling in and getting used to uni life. Also, there was another flatmate who wasn’t much of a drinker, like me. However when she decided to leave her course, it was clear I was on my own.

‘As the months passed, my flatmates continued with a “party” lifestyle, and would bring people back to our flat practically every night. After the first or second time that this happened, I approached my flatmates to try to find a compromise. However this just made the situation worse; that night when they got in they began to hammer on my bedroom door shout abuse at me. This continued throughout the year, and during the day they simply ignored me.

‘I kept myself to myself after t

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