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There are a lot of different ideas about bullying flying around. This article is to help you to separate the myths that there are about bullying and provide you with the facts. One of the main facts to remember is that every child has the right not to be bullied – that includes you.

Myth – Bullying is a normal part of growing up

Bullying is not a normal part of growing up and it’s not part of any character-building process. Adults do not expect to be hit, tripped and poked or called names and threatened when they go to work. You have this same right to be free from bullying and to feel safe wherever you are.
Bullying can make you feel depressed or lonely, it can affect your school work and make you dread going to school – this is not normal, you shouldn’t have to feel like this.

Myth – People bring bullying on themselves because of their behaviour

No one deserves to be bullied and no one makes someone bully them. You have the right to be yourself, to wear what you want, to form y...

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