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How can you get bullied on a mobile phone?

Cyberbullying isn’t just something that takes place on the Internet. You can also be cyberbullied if you get abusive calls and text messages on your mobile phone.
These calls, text messages and voicemails can be really upsetting, and it is often hard to understand how the sender knows your mobile phone number.
If you think you are being bullied on your mobile phone, the most important thing is not to respond or get into an argument. Bullies are usually cowards, so showing a reaction is just giving them what they’re after.
At the same time, that doesn’t mean you should ignore it and do nothing.

Types of mobile bullying

There are many ways that you can get bullied through your mobile phone.

Scary phone calls

Victims of mobile phone bullying can receive abusive phone calls from someone who uses threats of violence to scare them.
Some bullies choose to stay silent on the other end of the phone, which is confusing and worrying for the person wh...

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