General Article Can wildlife tourism help conserve our endangered species?

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By Holly Foat

Some people believe these endangered animals should be kept away from tourists, wrapped up in cotton wool, and some even believe that they should be taken out of the wild to be kept in captivity as a ‘reserve’ to prevent extinction. However, this is preservation rather than conservation and is treating the symptoms, not finding a cure. Conservation is about more than saving animals; conservation is maintaining habitats and changing opinions. Animals are primarily endangered by the actions of people, from deforestation to pollution and hunting. Wildlife tourism can have a role to play in stopping detrimental activities by increasing awareness and encouraging people to relish rather than ravish the natural environment.

Tiger holidays

No trip to India is complete without a trip to one of the tiger reserves to see the majestic tiger in its native habitat. Unfortunately, poaching of tigers still continues, not only for bones for Chinese medicine but for skins for fashion...

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