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Say the name cannabis and universally, people think ‘drugs’! Illegal, mind bending, out of control, irresponsible and just plain bad substance misuse are also some phrases that may go along with this thought!

However, plants have played a part in healing for many centuries and cannabis sativa is one of those to rank with the oldest to attract medicinal interest. Cannabis is sometimes called ‘marijuana’, but this is actually the name of the dried leaves of the plant, whereas ‘hashish’ refers to blocks of resin. Over 60 cannabinoids (CB) have been found contained in the plant, with different biological activity.

In the 1960s, an Israeli scientist called Raphael Mechoulam discovered the plant’s active molecules, which he called cannabinoids. This led to the discovery of the body’s own cannabinoid system, which is important in many organs, including the brain.

Pain is a significant feature of MS. Several trials have confirmed that cannabis-based treatments alleviate MS-related neurop...

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