General Article Cannabis legislation in Europe: an overview

Topic Selected: Cannabis

An extract from an article by European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction.

Brenden Hughes

What is cannabis and what are countries’ obligations to control it?

Part one sets out to clarify the definition of cannabis. In this time of increasing debate about the legal status of cannabis, this is crucial to understanding some of the provocative declarations that “cannabis is legal” or “has been legalised” in a particular country. It examines what sort of cannabis is controlled, noting the different plant varieties, the parts of the plant, including the seeds, and the relevance of cannabis potency. It outlines how using parts of the cannabis plant for medical and industrial purposes is permitted under European or national legislation. It then focuses on the use of cannabis for recreational purposes. It outlines how the EU countries are bound to control cannabis following their obligations under United Nations drug contro

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