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Young people aged 18–25 are more likely to worry about the profile they share with their friends on social media than protecting themselves from becoming a victim of fraud, a new survey reveals.1 While limiting who can see information on their profile is a key priority, young people feel that when it comes to fraud they simply aren’t at risk, despite figures showing that this demographic admitted they were unsure whether they would recognise a fraudulent approach.

The survey which sees Government, banking and the telecoms industry join forces, forms the backbone of a new campaign entitled ‘The Devil’s in Your Details’, designed to increase awareness amongst young people of the risks of becoming a victim of fraud.


Peter Wilson, Director, National Fraud Authority, says:

‘Unsurprisingly, our research shows that young people are impulsive and naturally less risk adverse. However, what is concerning is that these underlying character traits are resulting in them being more careless...

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