General Article Caring for someone with a mental illness

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As many as one in four people experience some form of mental health problem. Caring for someone with mental health problems brings unique challenges.


Mental health problems vary greatly in severity. Mild problems are common and can be helped with understanding and support. Severe mental illness, such as deep depression, is less common and poses more challenges.


Communicating with someone with a mental illness

Communication can be a struggle for many people with a mental illness. Some people don’t have the motivation to communicate, while others lack the confidence to say what they really want. Some people experience hallucinations, which can affect how and when they communicate.

To help the person you care for communicate, give them enough time to make themselves heard and let them know that you accept them and their illness.

Often, people with mental health problems feel cut off from other people, including family, friends and neighbours. It’s important to listen to what they’v...

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