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Topic Selected: Racism
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Amnesty International is concerned at the wealth of evidence showing discrimination against Scottish gypsy travellers and the hostility and divisions between Scottish gypsy travellers and settled communities. We believe that both groups lose out from the current situation.

Given the low level of meaningful engagement between the two communities, the media has an important role to play in how settled communities gather information and form opinions about Scottish gypsy travellers. Yet anyone taking a cursory interest in the issue will quickly become aware of mainly hostile press coverage. To get an overview of the situation, we commissioned a media clippings agency to identify all Scottish coverage relating to Scottish gypsy travellers over a four-month period. We received 190 articles which we characterised according to whether each was considered positive, negative or neutral. We also noted the length of each article.

Through that analysis we found:

  • With 190 articles in Scotla...

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